How Do You Pick the Perfect Christmas Card Photo?

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Especially when you’re with a 16 month old who is laughing one second, crying the next, and running into traffic the one after that. There was a surprising amount of traffic, come to think of it, at this covered bridge in Rupert, Pennsylvania. I figured it was something they maintained mainly for historical reasons, but it was rush hour at the covered bridge. Each of these photos was taken while dodging traffic. But that was probably a good thing because it was the beginning of deer season. The more civilization around us the better.

My dad is a lifelong photography enthusiast and took the photos for us while we were visiting him and my mom for Thanksgiving (thanks dad!). I’m wearing my prized vintage DVF wrap dress—it’s an eBay find, and the tag looks like it’s from the ’70s. It’s also a wool blend, which I’ve not encountered elsewhere, and it has French cuffs.  But the dress (and the person in it) look better in some photos than other. It’s so hard to choose. Please help!

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Probably not.

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Hm. Maybe?

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Hey is that a deer?

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A contender?

Mail Attachment-6

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This one has some merits right?

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Hey is that a hunter?

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I like the enthusiasm here.

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Maybe we’ll save this one for GQ. 

  • Esther Hahn

    #6 I think!

    • kp

      Oooh good choice thank you!! You’ll find out if that’s the pick when you get yours in the mail :D

  • Miroslava de la O

    #5! You guys are adorable in all of them though :)

    • kp

      Thank you so much! :)