Happy 1.5 Miss Frida


Last weekend, we made our second trip to Blink, where these photos were taken. If you need portraits or any type of professional photos, it’s a fantastic place. They’re fast, inexpensive, and they take amazing photographs. I wrote more about how it works here. They also recently moved to a new, fabulous location at the Corte Madera Town Center.

I thought the photos would be a nice way to commemorate Frida’s 18-month birthday, which is on Sunday, January 12. It’s so hard to believe she’s been in our lives for a year and a half. It was actually four days after she was born that we got the call around 10am on a Monday. We picked her up at SF General at 5pm that same day. When we arrived, the birth family was still there, and we had to wait in a small room with a social worker from  Family Builders (a wonderful organization for anyone considering adoption). Sitting still is rarely doable for me, and here I felt I was bouncing off of the walls. We waited maybe 20 minutes but it felt like hours.

When then nurse finally led us to the baby, I’ll never forget her laying in an incubator-type contraption, perfectly still and quiet, sleeping. I couldn’t tell you if there were other babies in the room because once I laid eyes on this one, with an unbelievable amount of hair, I only had eyes for her. I wanted to pick her up  but felt timid. The nurses seemed busy locating paperwork and gathering blankets. Finally one of them picked her up and put her in my arms. She was SO TINY it was terrifying. I sat in a chair that was next to her little bed and Kourosh took a picture. He apparently had his turn too, because we have a photo, but I don’t remember. Were they really going to let us take her home?

A worker from the state government was also there—I couldn’t tell you his name but he was nice and seemed nervous but excited in a happy way. The social worker from Family Builders seemed nervous too—I don’t think it’s too often that a 4-day old foster baby gets placed with prospective adoptive parents. There were manila folders and exchanges of information and papers signed. Phone numbers were scrawled on said papers for medical emergencies. Voices were upbeat but tense.

A nurse handed me a folder labeled, “Congratulations, Mom!” I felt exhilarated. I was a mom! As we left the hospital, our social worker was recording our exit on my cell phone—Kourosh was carrying the baby in the car seat we’d bought at Target on the way to the hospital. It felt celebratory. Then the worker turned to me and said, “FOSTER mom.” I knew it was her job to make sure our expectations were realistic, and the truth was we were foster parents who had months of meetings and paperwork to endure before we could officially adopt her (and it was not certain adoption would be the outcome). Nevertheless, my expectations were that this baby would be ours forever. I couldn’t bear to think otherwise.

People often say she’s lucky to have made her way to us, but we’re the ones who feel incredibly lucky and thankful. Happy half birthday baby girl!


Blink-CorteMadera-color-2014-01-05-17-39-13-070-61415-small Blink-CorteMadera-color-2014-01-05-17-41-13-590-61428-small

I’m wearing: Silk peasant shirt from Anthropologie, similar here; Lauren Moffatt denim skirt, similar here; Madewell booties, similar here; Frida is wearing a Gap denim jacket, dress gifted by Auntie Azita, similar here, and pink toddler high-top All-Star Converse.

  • KHZ

    So sweet Kristen! So many reasons to celebrate. HAppy 18 mo Frida!!!!

    • Kristen Philipkoski

      Thank you KHZ! :)

  • Miroslava de la O

    Thank you for sharing your story! You have such a sweet little family! And happy belated 1.5 birthday to Frida.

    • Kristen Philipkoski

      Thanks so much!! xx