Happy 1.5 Miss Frida


Last weekend, we made our second trip to Blink, where these photos were taken. If you need portraits or any type of professional photos, it’s a fantastic place. They’re fast, inexpensive, and they take amazing photographs. I wrote more about how it works here. They also recently moved to a new, fabulous location at the Corte Madera Town Center.

I thought the photos would be a nice way to commemorate Frida’s 18-month birthday, which is on Sunday, January 12. It’s so hard to believe she’s been in our lives for a year and a half. It was actually four days after she was born that we got the call around 10am on a Monday. We picked her up at SF General at 5pm that same day. When we arrived, the birth family was still there, and we had to wait in a small room with a social worker from  Family Builders (a wonderful organization for anyone considering adoption). Sitting still is rarely doable for me, and here I felt I was bouncing off of the walls. We waited maybe 20 minutes but it felt like hours.
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It’s Tough Saying Goodbye to 2013

In June, on Adoption Day. Photo by Jen Sullivan Brych

It’s January 2, but I’m still clinging to 2013, because it has been the best year of my life. The biggest, happiest event came in June when the husband and I adopted Frida. She was just shy of a year old. I never in a kajillion years could have predicted the joy and amazingness she has brought to our lives.

I know: all mothers say this kind of thing. And confession: I didn’t totally believe them before. Where is the joy in getting no sleep for months on end? You have a small human screaming at the cafe because you wouldn’t let her grab the scalding coffee. The scene is amazing, not in a good way. Primary-colored toys litter  your muted mid-century modern living room. Tragic. And all that poop and barf. No.

You’ve probably seen enough essays about the wonder and magic of motherhood and I’m not going to add to the volumes here. Just trust me, it’s f***ing awesome. (I can’t swear on my blog just in case my mom reads it, but this is one of those times I need the emphasis.)

And, OK, I’m somewhat willing to acknowledge 2014, because everyone says being a mom just gets better. It’s hard to believe, but this time I guess I’ll go ahead and believe them.

Why Fashion Needs Small Town Peeps

Simon Doonan and me
Simon Doonan and Me


Simon Doonan was in town recently to promote his new book The Asylum: A Collage of Couture Reminiscences… and Hysteria, and I had an appointment to interview him at 2:30pm, ahead of his signing at Barneys at 3 pm. I needed to brush up on him—I knew he’d been a window dresser at Barneys and worked his way up the ranks there, and that he was a snappy dresser himself, but I needed to learn more to do an intelligent interview. So I Googled him (naturally), and came across an excerpt from the book at Slate about Kate Moss. It turned out to be the perfect read before the interview for its extensive discussion about the plusses of being from a “crap town.” He’s from Reading, outside of London, and he writes that Kate Moss is from an equally crap town in a different area outside London, as was the photographer who’s responsible for making Moss a household name.

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An Encounter With Anna Della Russo

Upon exiting the Michael Kors runway show at Lincoln Center in New York, I sensed a swarm. I quickly narrowed in on the target of the buzz: it was none other than Vogue Japan editor and street style queen bee Anna Della Russo wearing golden Tom Ford metal brace boots. And a very short dress. Oh and that’s the T: New York Times Style Magazine editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi walking with her, ho hum. As you can see, photographers got excited. And while she was stone faced, she humored one photographer’s request to stand in the middle of the street so he could get the shot he wanted. She then walked away, all alone. 

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New York Fashion Week Part 2: In the Front Row With Olivia Palermo

Hi, so I might just now be recovering from New York Fashion Week, even though I’m still playing catch up with all the stuff that went unaddressed while I was galavanting on the other side of the country for a week. But still I had to brag a little about how I was in the front row (with my partner in crime, Grace Sun) at the Bibhu Mohapatra runway show with a real live famous person: Olivia Palermo. Maybe it’s more accurate to say she’s a reality TV famous person. Or at this point maybe a fashion famous person, because when I told my family in Pennsylvania they had no idea who I was talking about. In any case, I have evidence! And while we were seated across the aisle from each other with models tromping between us, I feel we had a connection. I couldn’t see her eyes through those reflective lenses (can you find her in my photos below?), but I could swear she winked at me.

Hello New York Fashion Week!

On Saturday I was at a bull riders invitational at Oracle Arena wearing cowboy boots, today I’m at fashion week in New York wearing my spanking new Freda Salvador shoes, which I’m dying for. Life as a style writer is never dull, this much is certain. The best part about the shoes is they have about a one-inch heel, so I expect foot pain will be at a minimum—and this for sure is the first season I’ve been able to say that. (I’m enjoying a bit of a foray into menswear-inspired outfits. The comfort level is making the experiment a potentially permanent situation in my life.)

Stay tuned to Monogram’s Fashion Week Spring 2014 magazine for updates from the shows, street style snaps, and party reports from the heart of the happenings. Have your own missives from NYFW? You can contribute to the magazine too!

One of my favorite designers, Mara Hoffman, presented her collection on Saturday, and these are some of my favorites. It’s always difficult to pick because I love pretty much everything she does. Could you JUST give her a big kiss for this gorgeousness? I love that Hoffman sticks to her aesthetic but manages to keep it fresh every season. In particular I love the way she used black accents in this collection. Also, I wore one of those Guatemalan belts every day during college.

Shop some current and past season Mara Hoffman below, and I’ll catch you in a little while with more NYFW updates! I’ll also be manning the social media for Monogram, follow along on Instagram @monogrammag and Twitter @monogram.








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Today’s Your Last Day to Win a Month’s Supply of Olay Fresh Effects, and Maybe Become a Superstar

Have you noticed that the use of filters on photographs is kind of out of control these days? Who can resist, right? Everyone seems to look a more appealing after applying the  magic touch of “mayfair” or “rise.” But Olay Fresh Effects, wants to encourage you to embrace your real self, sans filters. 

To that end, the brand has launched a campaign on their Twitter feed: @FreshEffects. Follow them, and share your #nofilter moments (for example, how you unapologetically love Birkenstocks #hippieatheart). One lucky Stylenik reader who submits will win a months supply of Olay Fresh Effects. And get this: the submission that best embraces the #nofilter philosophy will be brought to life in a sketch comedy short by funny girl duo Carly Aquilino and Jessimae Peluso. How freaking fun is that?

The catch is that today is the last day to enter! So get clicking and tagging; I’ll be doing the same! Just be sure to follow and tag @FreshEffects, and use the #nofilter tag. Good luck!

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Happy New York Fashion Week: Shop My Closet on Threadflip!

Last weekend, I had a MAJOR closet clean out. Like, there are spaces between all my hangers now. It’s the most divine feeling ever. I feel like I lost 10 pounds, even though the fact that I did not is precisely why I finally decided to let go of those Acne leather moto pants. It hurt to put them in the box and send them off to Threadflip, but now it feels amazing to have them out of my closet, no longer mocking me with their narrow thigh openings. If you are blessed with thin thighs, you will adore these awesome pants.

There are several more pieces that were tough to part with, including this purple leather bolero that despite wishful thinking did not fit properly, this oversized Margiela clutch that has become difficult to wrangle now that I have a 1-year-old, and these Marni sandals featuring a wood heel and a lovely layer of lucite.

I’m excited that Threadflip is featuring my closet on the first day of New York Fashion Week! I hope all the style in the air will inspire you to shop my closet, as well as my likes on Threadflip—if I don’t get to them first.

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Outside Lands Day 3: Anthony Kiedis is Still Hot

Day 3 at Outside Lands was ’80s day, with Daryl Hall & John Oates performing all their hits, including Rich Girl and Sarah Smile (my favorite), the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Anthony Kiedis’ amazing anti-aging abilities, and this guy wearing a Defender T-shirt: 

Defender in San Francisco t-shirt

I must admit we were dragging a bit after the previous two long-ass days of musical madness, but John Oates’ mustache perked me right up. The youngsters were out in throngs for the duo, who were my favorite in junior high. I’m not sure how they became such a hipster favorite, maybe it’s because of this? It’s worth a listen for her great voice and the kazoo:

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