So I Got Fired Yesterday

Yep, I got canned. It’s kind of the worst feeling, and it’s embarrassing, and my first instinct was to not let anyone ever know this really humiliating thing happened to me. In fact, I fibbed to one of my closest friends yesterday when I told her I couldn’t make it to the girl’s night out we’d planned because I’d “quit” my job and was upset about it (really sorry, Shadin).

Then I talked to my husband, who also got fired last year. He decided then not to take his employer’s offer to say it was a mutual agreement, not really a firing. I asked him why he would not take that opportunity to save face, and he said because it’s liberating to tell the truth. The job wasn’t right for him, and he got fired, why sugarcoat it? That got me thinking about my own hesitation to admit the truth of my shitcanning.

Then we picked up our daughter from daycare. As I waited for her caretaker to open the door, I was overwhelmed by the feeling that what’s on the other side of that door is what’s most important. Then it opened, and she gave me that smile and ran to me like I was the the most awesome person on earth.

I see quotes about how failure is good and necessary all over social media every day.

Here’s a great one from Maya Angelou:

“Courage allows the successful woman to fail-
and learn powerful lessons-
from the failure-
so that in the end,
she didn’t fail at all.”

Various outlets publish tons of lists of quotes on failure every year—but hardly anyone talks about their actual failures (Here’s one exception).

While reading the quotes makes me feel not as terrible, facing what’s real feels even less terrible. I want to live up to that awesome-person status, which would seem to require being an honest person. I got fired yesterday, y’all. I did some good writing at that job and I’m proud of my work. In the end it wasn’t enough, and it’s time to move on. So here’s to what’s next… omg what is next? I’ll try to figure that out over the weekend. Check back Monday, won’t you?

Buying a Diamond? Take This Test First!

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 8.07.04 PM
‘Tis the season to get down on one knee. It’s so romantic! Yet so fraught with nerves and uncertainties. Will your love say yes? What if she/he HATES THE RING?! Relax, I can help. 1. Of course she will, you’re awesome! 2. She is 90 percent (non-scientific estimate) more likely to LOVE the ring if you take Blue Nile’s Leave Nothing to Chance quiz first.

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An Encounter With Anna Della Russo

Upon exiting the Michael Kors runway show at Lincoln Center in New York, I sensed a swarm. I quickly narrowed in on the target of the buzz: it was none other than Vogue Japan editor and street style queen bee Anna Della Russo wearing golden Tom Ford metal brace boots. And a very short dress. Oh and that’s the T: New York Times Style Magazine editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi walking with her, ho hum. As you can see, photographers got excited. And while she was stone faced, she humored one photographer’s request to stand in the middle of the street so he could get the shot he wanted. She then walked away, all alone. 

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Resort 2014 Florals Actually Are Groundbreaking

I am officially obsessed with resort 2014. I’ve scrolled and clicked through nearly every designer now, and one thing is clear: the florals trend is still going strong. True, that’s not all that surprising this time of year. But designers are doing interesting and unique things with florals—you’ll see below it’s definitely not the same old. 
Take Adam Lippes, for example. Jumpsuit! Or this might be separates masquerading as a jumpsuit. Either way it’s a whole lotta shiny florals. 
I love a dark floral. This one from Adeam has the added bonus of evoking a spinning Stevie Nicks. 
I wore a dress very similar to this one by Barbara Tfank as a bridesmaid in 1976. 
Clover Canyon: your print mixing gives the concept new meaning. These come with their own wood fence. 
I love everything about this Cynthia Rowley situation, especially the large head wrap. 
Ms. Rowley gets a second shout out for her reinvention of florals. 
The punk trend seems to have even gotten to Nanette Lepore. I’m not complaining.  
The peplum on this Peter Pilotto dress is like a floral canopy. 
And this Peter Pilotto is like a field of wild flowers that’s been shot through with a laser after passing through a prism. 
Rebecca Taylor gives good flower suiting. 
And she makes a little floral sheath fresh with a mesh slip and leather biker vest.
I think Valentino just made the cutest little floral dress ever created on earth. 
And then he raided Frida Kahlo’s dress collection for this beauty. 
You can’t not swoon over this Zac Posen.
I love a dark floral. Thanks Mr. Posen. 
I love a dark floral even more when it’s an amazing satin gown. 
For slightly more attainable but just as interesting florals, check below!
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Get 20 Percent Off at the Hippest Luxury Jewelry Site You’ve Ever Met

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 7.13.14 AM
The lovely ladies of Adornia, an amazing luxury jewelry site you should totally check out, featured me on their blog recently, where I share my my top picks from their site, which was very hard to narrow down because they have so many amazing pieces. “Hip” and luxury jewelry don’t usually go together, but it’s happening here at Adornia. Black and pink diamonds, turquoise and gold: it’s all droolworthy. I also share a bit about my two very favorite pieces of jewelry: one from the husband, one from my grandmother.

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Happy New Year From Stylenik Plus the Best Wool Sweater Ever

On baby girl: cashmere poncho from Blumenkinder on Etsy, Robeez booties, the rest is hand-me-downs; On me: organic wool sweater courtesy of Mina + Olya, gifted necklace from Shadin who needs to get a blog i can link to, Sheila B earrings (very old), Hue tights, booties courtesy Kurt Geiger, vintage skirt

Posts that give long explanations about why the blogger hasn’t blogged for so long are kind of annoying, right? I mean everyone knows people get busy with kids and jobs and blahbity blah. Still, I just kind of wanted to share the latest in the Stylenik world and I will do my best not to be annoying about it. About a month ago, I started a new gig as the San Francisco editor of Racked. Yay! I’m super excited. What is Racked, you ask? It’s a blog about shopping, retail, and fashion. I KNOW! That’s not a job, that’s a fun thing to do during the day, right? I launched the site in early December, and it has indeed been extremely fun so far.
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What if Lumberjack Cake From Frances Restaurant Were an Outfit?

Frances Lumberjack Cake

lumberjack cake
I encountered this “Untouchablespost on Eater about Melissa Perello’s “Lumberjack Cake” at Frances in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood. First of all, how freaking delicious does that look? Second, doesn’t it make a fabulous outfit? I included lots of wood jewelry as a nod to Mr. Lumberjack. I thought the gray leather pants invoked the lovely earthenware plate Frances is serving it on in the photo. The sweater is very Lumberjack Cake-ish, no? You’ll also notice a touch of powdered sugar and Humphry Slocombe, and some shiny, sparkly touches for the holidays. Enjoy!

· Helmut Lang leather leggings, $902
· MALO brown knit chunky pullover, $925
· Miu Miu suede ankle boots with glitter trimmed heel and sole, $850
· WeWood Odyssey watch, $119
· MADE Nyota gold-tone ring set, $40
· Boots Botanics lip color in plum, $8
· Saskia Diez big wood bead necklace, $79
· Pamela Love laser cut wood necklace, $124 (similar to above)
· Dior ‘Diorific Vernis Le Grand Bal’ nail lacquer, $26
· Chloe Marcie shoulder bag, $1,265

Celebrate the Season With Adornia Jewelry

Adornia jewelry

The busy holiday party season is heating up, so I hope you guys will save the afternoon of Saturday December 1, when I’ll be co-hosting a little shindig with the founders of luxury jewelry website Adornia! Co-founder Bex is a former accessories editor at Lucky and Redbook magazines, and her partner Mo is a former buyer at Catherine Malandrino and Diesel. Together they created Adornia, where they design and sell gorgeous, high quality baubles. It’s fine jewelry—diamonds, rubies, gold—with all the fun and charm of the costume variety. And at a lower price point than you’d find at a stuffy brick and mortar store. These are not wear it once and toss it pieces. They’re intended to last a lifetime, and hopefully your daughters’ and granddaughters’ as well.

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Be a Siren This Holiday Season: Seven Steps Towards Liz Taylor-Worthy Hollywood Glamour


The smoldering love affair between Richard Burdon and Elizabeth Taylor is well known, but we’ll get even more intimate with their romance this month when Liz & Dick, starring Lindsay Lohan, airs on Lifetime on November 25.

But all anyone has to do is take one look at a photo of Ms. Taylor during that time to see why Mr. Burton was desperately smitten. Liz’s smokey stare, her silk satin dresses playing up her assets of which she had many, red lips and voluminous hair–it all added up to unprecedented Hollywood glamour and one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace the screen. [Read more...]