Changing Scenery


We’ve hosted people for brunch for the past two weekends in a row, and each time it was a challenge to find the perfect thing to wear. You need to be comfy when you’re hosting, especially when you’re wrangling a toddler while trying to pour mimosas. I always default to some massive muu-muu type thing, but that always backfires because fabric gets in the way.

This jungle-print skirt from Topshop paired with a relaxed tee worked out perfectly. The skirt is stretchy and just long enough that even with the wrangling I never risked a too-revealing situation. And you can’t go wrong with a cotton tee—I tend to get warm while entertaining guests so I was thankful for the short sleeves. And the little missy, well, she always seems to know just the thing to wear.
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Setting Sail


I’m not 100% poser. I’ve tried sailing. I took a series of sailing classes with my husband a few years ago. We learned to tie useful knots and how to tack and this and that and other terms I don’t remember. My biggest fear upon enrolling was tipping over. My husband said, “There is no way these dinghies can capsize. They are extremely hard to tip over, even if you tried.” Guess what our assignment was for class #2? Yes, purposely CAPSIZE, turtle it (yes that’s a thing) then jump in the damn Bay and pull it back upright. That was my last foray into the kind of sailing that does’t involve a glass of champagne.

I love a nautical look though! You can’t see it but a sailboat festoons the front of this sweater, scored at Goodwill. You obviously don’t need to go anywhere near a boat to don a sailor-y outfit. Thank goodness.

Sweater: Goodwill, similar here (on sale!); jeans: H&M, similar here; boots, Topshop, similar here; crocheted earrings, ancient, similar here; bag: Rebecca Minkoff, similar here. Frida is head to toe Gymboree :)

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A Very Vintage Skirt and a Munchkin


My mother-in-law brought this skirt from Iran when she, along with her husband, the 10-year-old boy who eventually became my husband, and his sister, moved their lives to the United States in 1979. Frida had so much fun visiting family this weekend in SoCal. We decided to drive down south rather than flying this time—I’m not sure if it was better or worse than flying. When will they finish that high-speed rail??

Skirt: vintage, similar here; dress: William B, similar here; shoes: Robert Clergerie, similar here; earrings: Miguel Ases, similar here; on Frida, Plum Baby dress, similar here.

Bell Bottoms Past, Present and Future

camp pants Last week, San Francisco designer and friend of mine Tamar Wider (also of The 2 Bandits) launched Camp Collection, an adorable line of casual clothing that brought me right back to my childhood in the ’70s. These pants in particular conjured memories of my very favorite outfit in 3rd grade—check them out below. Do you like my hair? I cried for two weeks straight when my mom made me cut my previously waist-length locks (she was done with the tangles). I don’t look too upset here though, I’m rather pleased with the shag hairdo and patchwork bell bottoms. The only thing missing is the matching VEST that came with them, must find a photo of that. [Read more...]

The Podolls + Faux Leather

The Podolls tunic, similar here, faux leather matte leggings, similar here; Dieppo Restreppo purple suede booties, similar here; gold necklace, vintage, similar here

What you see before you is one of the most comfortable outfits ever. A loose tunic over leggings with booties featuring heels of a manageable height is about as good as it gets unless you’re in your PJs.
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I’ll Be Here All Week (on eBay)

ebayIf  you’ve been to eBay’s Women’s Clothing section this week, you might recognize someone. Yes, that is yours truly. How did this happen? Well, it all started with the lovely Mira (of Mira Mira), who introduced me to Heidi, who happens to be the director at eBay Fashion. We became fast friends, she gave me some really cute hand-me-downs for Ms. Frida, and she asked me to “model” for the site. It was a super-fun day: they did my hair and makeup and gave me a major wardrobe. I guess this is the kind of thing actual models get tired of? Personally, I could like seriously get used to it. If I could get ready like that every day, I think life would be pretty close to perfect.

Happy 1.5 Miss Frida


Last weekend, we made our second trip to Blink, where these photos were taken. If you need portraits or any type of professional photos, it’s a fantastic place. They’re fast, inexpensive, and they take amazing photographs. I wrote more about how it works here. They also recently moved to a new, fabulous location at the Corte Madera Town Center.

I thought these photos would be a nice way to commemorate Frida’s 18-month birthday, which is on Sunday, January 12. It’s so hard to believe she’s been in our lives for a year and a half. It was four days after she was born that we got the call around 10am on a Monday. We picked her up at SF General at 5pm that same day. When we arrived, the birth family was still there, and we had to wait in a small room with a social worker from  Family Builders (a wonderful organization for anyone considering adoption). Sitting still is always a challenge for me, and in that holding cell I felt I was bouncing off of the walls. We waited maybe 20 minutes but it felt like hours.
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When Cabin Fever Strikes, Go Outside


I work from home, and I’ll be honest, there are days when I don’t even get my butt outside at all. The great thing about living in Pacifica is that I can walk just a few blocks to the beach and all that cabin fever is swept right away. But it’s been so cold lately I haven’t even wanted to venture that far. Hanging out on the porch is really the best I can do some days. I even change out of my pajamas on such occasions!

On this particular day I was trying out my new Freda Salvador Moon booties in Blue Tejus, and Frida was sporting her new Robeez cowgirl moccasins (similar here) and Gap denim jacket. Also does anyone remember that Proenza Schouler did a Target collab? I’m wearing one of the sweatshirts from that. I cut away the crew neck, which I may or may not now regret.

Thanks to the husband for snapping these with our super fun Sony NEX.

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How Do You Pick the Perfect Christmas Card Photo?

Mail Attachment-1
Especially when you’re with a 16 month old who is laughing one second, crying the next, and running into traffic the one after that. There was a surprising amount of traffic, come to think of it, at this covered bridge in Rupert, Pennsylvania. I figured it was something they maintained mainly for historical reasons, but it was rush hour at the covered bridge. Each of these photos was taken while dodging traffic. But that was probably a good thing because it was the beginning of deer season. The more civilization around us the better.

My dad is a lifelong photography enthusiast and took the photos for us while we were visiting him and my mom for Thanksgiving (thanks dad!). I’m wearing my prized vintage DVF wrap dress—it’s an eBay find, and the tag looks like it’s from the ’70s. It’s also a wool blend, which I’ve not encountered elsewhere, and it has French cuffs.  But the dress (and the person in it) look better in some photos than other. It’s so hard to choose. Please help!
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