Happy 1.5 Miss Frida


Last weekend, we made our second trip to Blink, where these photos were taken. If you need portraits or any type of professional photos, it’s a fantastic place. They’re fast, inexpensive, and they take amazing photographs. I wrote more about how it works here. They also recently moved to a new, fabulous location at the Corte Madera Town Center.

I thought the photos would be a nice way to commemorate Frida’s 18-month birthday, which is on Sunday, January 12. It’s so hard to believe she’s been in our lives for a year and a half. It was actually four days after she was born that we got the call around 10am on a Monday. We picked her up at SF General at 5pm that same day. When we arrived, the birth family was still there, and we had to wait in a small room with a social worker from  Family Builders (a wonderful organization for anyone considering adoption). Sitting still is rarely doable for me, and here I felt I was bouncing off of the walls. We waited maybe 20 minutes but it felt like hours.
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When Cabin Fever Strikes, Go Outside


I work from home, and I’ll be honest, there are days when I don’t even get my butt outside at all. The great thing about living in Pacifica is that I can walk just a few blocks to the beach and all that cabin fever is swept right away. But it’s been so cold lately I haven’t even wanted to venture that far. Hanging out on the porch is really the best I can do some days. I even change out of my pajamas on such occasions!

On this particular day I was trying out my new Freda Salvador Moon booties in Blue Tejus, and Frida was sporting her new Robeez cowgirl moccasins (similar here) and Gap denim jacket. Also does anyone remember that Proenza Schouler did a Target collab? I’m wearing one of the sweatshirts from that. I cut away the crew neck, which I may or may not now regret.

Thanks to the husband for snapping these with our super fun Sony NEX.

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How Do You Pick the Perfect Christmas Card Photo?

Mail Attachment-1
Especially when you’re with a 16 month old who is laughing one second, crying the next, and running into traffic the one after that. There was a surprising amount of traffic, come to think of it, at this covered bridge in Rupert, Pennsylvania. I figured it was something they maintained mainly for historical reasons, but it was rush hour at the covered bridge. Each of these photos was taken while dodging traffic. But that was probably a good thing because it was the beginning of deer season. The more civilization around us the better.

My dad is a lifelong photography enthusiast and took the photos for us while we were visiting him and my mom for Thanksgiving (thanks dad!). I’m wearing my prized vintage DVF wrap dress—it’s an eBay find, and the tag looks like it’s from the ’70s. It’s also a wool blend, which I’ve not encountered elsewhere, and it has French cuffs.  But the dress (and the person in it) look better in some photos than other. It’s so hard to choose. Please help!
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Style Hunting on Treasure Island


Don’t ask me why my face is so serious above. I just really wanted to show you my bracelet. But first I want to tell you about my Saturday, when the lovely and talented Aubrie Pick and I hit the Treasure Island Music Festival to hunt for stylish attendees for a Racked SF street style roundup. As you can see, we stalked quite a few fashionable festival-goers. We were like skilled hunters—we moved quickly and precisely and were in and out of there in less that three hours—and managed to enjoy some music and a smoothie while we were at it.

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Red, White, Blue, and a Giant Banana Republic Discount

Red, white and blue and I are having kind of a thing lately. I used to avoid the color combo because it seemed too patriotic during months other than July. But then I decided it also seemed quite French as well as nautical. Frautical! Who’s with me? In any case, I was excited to find this red blazer with shiny gold buttons at the Banana Republic Factory Store—it was majorly marked down, it fit like a glove, and I imagined it being unexpectedly preppy (and Frautical) on this boho-leaning Californian.

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Blink Away, You Won’t Miss Anything

Remember Sears portraits? Take their soft focus finish and painted-cloud backdrops and make them really chic, with a bright white background, talented photographers, and a secret sauce that makes you look pretty every time, and you’ve got Blink, Inc. Frida and I were lucky enough to have a photo shoot last week with Blink’s founder, Tristan Davison, who came up with the idea when he saw how excited folks got about a photo booth at a corporate party. He thought if he could create a studio that did something similar—instant gratification with a magic touch that makes every photo look like it’s ready for Vogue—people might really dig it.

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Wired Magazine 20th Anniversary Party

So it’s bee 20 years since Wired magazine launched and the DIGITAL AGE began. Can you believe the digital age only started 20 years ago? Or maybe that seems like really long ago to you if you’re a whippersnapper. But it’s a short time for so much to change. I mean no one had a cell phone then, there was no Google, and people used fax machines regularly.

To celebrate the beginning of it all, Louis Rosetto and Jane Metcalf, the couple who launched Wired in 1993 and who now own TCHO chocolate, hosted a 20th anniversary party on Saturday night. Here is a picture from the party. I worked at Wired with all of these lovely women. JenSul, the tall one in the back wielding the gun, was an intern when I started as a fact checker at the print magazine. Laura, on the left, when we first met was a producer at Wired Digital, which was pretty much the first website ever that had original content with ads from Fortune 500 companies. Can you even believe that? She also wrote a book about cocktails that was published by Wired (yep Wired even had a book publishing company), and JenSul and I fact checked it. Can I just tell you that job was really fun? And it’s where JenSul and I solidified our friendship, which is still going strong today. We still have sleepovers, though these days they include small children that are not us.

Alison, on the right, was the publisher at Wired News, where I was a reporter for eight years, and where I later was the science editor for three years. Goddamn can you believe that?

Above, we are pretending to be Charlie’s Angels, even though there were only three Charlie’s Angels and there are four of us in the photo. It is just so weird to look at this photo, not because there are four of us, but to think back on how much time has gone by. I can’t even tell you.

Michael, at the top, made sure everything worked properly in the office. Judy, on the right, was the culture editor at Wired News, and Anne in the blue dress was an editorial assistant at the print magazine.

Literally, I can’t. A lot of people at the party had gray hair, which is totally normal because we are all the age at which peoples’ hair often turns gray. But still it was a profoundly weird experience. 

One potential reason is because many of the parties I go to these days, meaning in the days since I starting writing about fashion, are populated mainly by people in their 20s and early 30s. So I start feeling like I’m that age too. But the reality is I’m closer to the age of the folks who were at the Wired 20th anniversary party. It’s so weird, this progression of time thing. 

On that note I think I will change the subject. I wore a Mara Hoffman dress to the party. You can purchase a similar one below if you’re interested! She makes garments with really rad prints. I also met her once and she seemed like a really lovely human and said she thought we were from the same tribe which made me happy. 

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Why I’m Using Monogram to Blog

Photo by Jarda Brych

First thing’s first: yes, they’re paying me. My good and very smart friends asked me to consult for their startup, Monogram, at a time when I had been woefully neglecting my blog Stylenik. The timing couldn’t have been better, because Monogram is a tool that makes blogging way easier, and now Stylenik is back on track with posts going up almost every day. And anyway I’m honest and don’t say stuff I don’t believe, even when money is involved. I mean obviously. Look at this photo of me with my 1-year-old.

Specifically, here’s why I’m loving using Monogram to blog. First, I can connect my blog with Monogram in about two seconds, so that when I publish a post on Monogram, I can also publish it on Stylenik—I can save it to my drafts first, so I have an opportunity to make sure everything is in order before I publish. Or I can just publish immediately, which I’ve been doing because everything is always totally in order. See below on the right, I can just click and connect with Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress (which I’m on), as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Reward Style (more on that in a sec). 
Why would I want to do that? Partly because it’s for real so much easier to create a post in Monogram than in WordPress. Here’s one example: as I write, I am seeing almost exactly what I will see once the post is live. I don’t have to save, preview in a different window, then go back to the previous window to edit. I’m seeing everything, even what the photos will look like, as I write. 

If I want to create a link, I highlight the word I want to link to, and a series of wysiwyg icons shows up (including bold, italics and other formatting options) right next to the word. I don’t have to hunt for the icons at the top of the page somewhere. Voila:
And then if I want to upload a photo or embed a YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram or Vine video, there’s another icon I can use right next to where I’m typing: 

And this might be the best part: I can upload a photo directly from my Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa or Dropbox account. Check it out: 
I just uploaded this photo straight from Instagram: That took two seconds. And yeah those treats were as yummy as they look.
The other reason to use Monogram is because you can add shopping to your blog posts like a boss. Like as if shopping were your job. Literally. If you’re also a style blogger, or are in any way connected to the online content world, you’ve probably heard about affiliate services bloggers use to make money. Bloggers use a personalized link to products they like, then if their readers use that link to shop, the blogger makes a commission. One of the most popular affiliate services is Reward Style, which I use, but their search can be a pain in the neck. I have to go to a new browser window, log in, search for products (which can be slow and have weird results), then I have to copy the link, then go back to my blog post and paste the link. But with Monogram, I can link my account up directly, search within Monogram using a much more efficient interface, populate my post with merchandise with a few clicks, and I’ll still get all my commissions. I don’t even have to leave this page. I just use the “Search & Add Products” field at the bottom—here’s what it looks like: 
Say I’m writing a post about maxi skirts. I type “maxi skirts” in Monogram’s search field and get a slew of results from RewardStyle (if you don’t have a RewardStyle account, you can also shop using ShopStyle, another shopping search engine). Then I click on the ones I want my readers to be able to shop from my post, click submit, and they’re added without ever leaving this page. Voila:
Below, you can shop those maxi skirts. Cool, right? 

One last thing I want to tell you about is Monogram’s bookmarklet. Say you do the above search for maxi skirts, but the particular one you had in mind isn’t showing up in the results. Just go to a page where the skirt’s for sale and use the Monogram bookmarklet to upload it to your post. You can download the bookmarklet by clicking on your profile photo at the bottom left of your screen, then clicking “Get the Bookmarklet.” 

Just follow the easy and superfast installation instructions (you just drag the icon to your bookmarks menu) from there. Once it’s installed, go shopping (in another browser window) for the item you’re interested in. Say it’s this awesome black David Michael skirt at Totokaelo. From that page, click on the bookmarklet. You’ll get a choice of images to use in your post that looks like this:  

Click on as many images as you’d like your readers to see in your shopping listing (Make sure they’re all the same item. You can only clip one item at a time), then click submit. You’ll get a pop up that lets you add more information, including price: 

Make sure to click on which post you’d like to add it to, then click “Clip to Monogram.” The item will join the rest of your shoppable items in that post. Check it out below, it’s totally there. 
And on top of all of this awesomeness, you can repost other peoples’ posts, like them, follow people, and just browse all the other super-stylish content on Monogram. And there you have it! Why I’m using Monogram. It’s really cool.  
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Ode to Overalls

Overalls can be very polarizing, but I have loved them since I was a little girl. They’re playful, but can be subtly sexy (on adults, of course!) with a little off-shoulder tee or cropped top underneath. And they’re the perfect, relaxed thing to wear on a warm summer night. Like any trend, they go through cycles of being in an out of style. Over the past three or four years, they’ve become popular again among designers, style bloggers and fashion mavens. And of course this makes me very happy. 
I’ve owned the same pair for about 15 years, and I never plan to part with them. So I hope they won’t get jealous when I reveal that I’m considering adding another pair to my closet. I intend to foster friendship, not competition between the two. Make new friends, but keep the old and all that. Some of the most recent style are beckoning me, especially the Citizen’s of Humanity versions below. What do you think? Love them or hate them?  
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That Time I Didn’t Overpack

Sonoma Square

If these pants look familiar, it’s because I also wore them in my previous outfit post, which was taken on the same trip to Sonoma as these photos. What can I say, with a baby in my life, I’m not getting out all that much these days! And also because of the little missy, I wanted for once in my life to not overpack since I also had to pack for her. And I pretty much succeeded! As you can see, I got double duty out of the pants and shoes. Hopefully no one noticed.

Sonoma Square

Deep thoughts on Sonoma Square

Sonoma Square

Sweater: Pretty Penny Stock, purchased at Acrimony; vest: J. Crew, similar here; bag: Topshop, similar here; November (similar here); belt: purchased in Guatemala approximately 100 years ago, similar here; booties: Opening Ceremony; socks: Timberland; earrings: Sheila B; ring: Alkemie, similar here; glasses: See Eyewear.