High Tops Sneaks for Healthy Feet and Youthful Feelings

Converse has a whole new color palette for their classic Chuck Taylor design. Major designers have really cute ones right now. Freda Salvador’s Sneak version is still going strong. And, best of all, a pair of crazy-colorful DC high tops saved my foot.

A few weeks ago I injured the ball of my foot in dance class, and I didn’t think I was going to be able to dance in the Pride parade. It really hurt. Obviously I am no podiatrist, so please see a doctor if you have an injury. But in this particular case, I had a sense that my foot needed super stable shoes that would act almost like a cast (and I was too lazy/in denial to make a doctor appointment). So I bought these DC high tops—bonus that they were over-the-top bright and inexpensive. And they were awesome! The relatively flat sole, excessive cushioning and high-top support stabilized my foot enough to get me through the parade. And I got mad compliments on my colorful footwear.

Again, don’t be like me and try to treat your own injury. Jenn Pattee of Basic Training told me that’s like putting your broken down car in the garage and expecting it to fix itself. But the high tops did the trick, at least temporarily (ok yes I’m icing and I will go to the doctor if it gets worse). Also now I’m obsessed and want more. The wedge style seems to be still going strong, but I’m kind of favoring the old school flat-soled look, especially since these days I’m chasing after a two-year-old. The other bonus is I feel like a total kid when I’m wearing them.

Pride Parade, San Francisco, 2014

Dudley Flores, our fearless leader, et moi

Dudley Flores, our fearless leader, et moi

This was my second year dancing in SF’s Gay Pride with Rhythm and Motion program. Last year I wrote about being really nervous at the beginning, but feeling more confident as the parade progressed. This year, maybe because I’d gotten one more year of dance under my belt, or maybe just because I’m a year older, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was just feeling free to be you and me (remember that song?) with these awesome people.

before parade

The parade seemed longer this year, there was a lot of waiting around at the beginning and I was pooped by the end! I can only imagine how Dudley, creative director of Rhythm and Motion, and the other teachers must have felt after organizing and instructing all day, bless them. Speaking of, our group (go group C!) owes a huge thanks to Rebecca Sunderland Setziol for being an amazing leader. Here are a few snaps and the video below where you can check out our contingency in action. I like the part when Dudley blows his whistle and I freeze to prepare for the slide/punch move, HAHA.

Don’t tell anyone but I wore the same thing to the parade last year, except of course for our new R&M tank tops. The skirt is Gat Rimon from Mira Mira. It’s perfect for dancing! I did also get new sneakers—they’re DC high tops. Stay tuned for more about my current high tops obsession.

#TBT Fun at Mira Mira, Then and Now (Ladies Night Is Tonight!)

Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux

Almost exactly two years ago, I asked my friend Mira Pickett, who owns the boutique Mira Mira in the Mission, to style me for a photo shoot for this blog. The concept was “undone done,” a way of dressing the two of us had bonded on when we first met. Since it’s Thursday (#TBT!) I figured it was a propos to dig up one of those photos. As you can tell, we had a blast!

I’m so excited that two years later we’re even better friends, and that TONIGHT we’re collaborating again, this time on a Ladies Night event at the shop with eyewear startup Brownie and Madam. Get a personal styling session from a Brownie and Madam stylist, plus 10 percent off if you order glasses. You’ll also get 15 percent off everything at Mira Mira during the party.
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The Sneaker That Appeals to Skater Rebels and Suburban Moms Alike


My college boyfriend wore Vans to prom. He showed me photos of him in his tux wearing the slip on version of the skater sneakers—they were a blue check if I remember correctly—and the image made me realize he was cooler than I had given him credit for. The fact that his prom date, who I was not convinced he was OVER, was very attractive and frustratingly blond also helped me come to this conclusion.
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Babies in Bikinis: Is This a Problem?

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 8.38.05 PM
Frida in Hawaii, May 2013

I recently saw the cutest tie-die baby bikini on Amazon. We’re heading to the Hamptons in June for a warm weather getaway, and we’ll be at the beach a lot, so I’ve been thinking about getting Frida and myself suited up. This particular toddler bikini was reversible to an adorable boho pattern, so while it seemed a little much to spend on a 2-year-old’s bathing suit, it was really two for the price of one (always rationalizing). So I purchased it. When it came in the mail I was so overcome by its cuteness that I took a picture and posted it on Instagram and Facebook, like any good social-media-obsessed mother would.

I quickly got what seemed like disapproving comments on Facebook. I was 100% confused for a minute. I hadn’t linked to Amazon or mentioned the price, so that couldn’t be the issue. Then it hit me. Is a bikini inappropriate for a little girl? Am I a bad mother for buying her one? OMG? But wait, why? Are you telling me an exposed baby tummy is somehow… it pains me to say it… sexual? Is that it?
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I Have So Many Feelings About Shorts

Levis shorts and a bike
All photos courtesy of Levi’s

I used to love cutoffs. What could be more boho-chic than frayed denim shorts with a low-heeled sandal and a flowy top? But sometime in my 30s, I started to not love the way my legs looked in shorts and I vowed to simply never wear them again.

But when it’s hot outside, and you’re on the East Coast like I will be in June, cutoffs feel like just the thing, don’t you think?

Levi's 501 shorts

I thought dresses could fulfill the hole left when shorts left my life, but sometimes you want that low-slung, cool-girl look that a dress cannot manage. So I’m re-considering my vow, especially after seeing these cute ones at Levi’s. They’re the right length (because my days of bootie shorts never even happened), and this denim plaid 501 version. And if Jennine at The Coveted can learn to love shorts, maybe I can too?

I like these orange ones a lot too:

orange levi's shorts

Don’t worry, I’m not going to throw on shorts willy nilly. I’ve enlisted my yoga instructor and former trainer of NYC publishing elite Wini Linguvic to help me tone up the gams a bit before I go showing them in the light of day. She’s given me some homework (hint: copious lunges) that she says can help even me. And to stay motivated, I created this Pinterest board to obsess over. Fingers crossed my American thighs will be ready by June 11.

This post was sponsored by Levi’s.

A Case for Counting Calories

All those teaberry ice cream cone calories went straight into My Net Diary! Photo by my awesome cousin Bobbi Ann Bowen

It’s probably the least popular method for losing weight, because reality is just not that much fun. Admitting that you have to eat less and exercise more to lose weight is a truth that most of us, including myself, don’t like to face. But it’s how our bodies work, like it or not.

I’ve written about this before, yet I recently fell for another trick: I cut out all sugar from my diet for two weeks, expecting the pounds to fall off. I gained 4 pounds.

The problem is, tricks don’t work—except, of course, the tricks that actually result in eating fewer calories, which is what some of the low-carb, Weight Watchers and other methods do. But I find it so much more straightforward to simply log my caloric intake. You have control—you’re not relying on someone else to provide your food, or following some mysterious and weird regimen. People will try all sorts of complicated plans, from cleanses to paleo, anything but keeping an honest tally of how many calories they’re eating and burning off. It’s a little too real.

Don’t take my word for it, experts say the same thing. A calorie is a calorie. Some calories taste better than others, and some are better for your health than others. But, bottom line: if you eat more of them than you burn off, they will turn into fat. I know, bummer.

But, chin up, it can be fun to take control of your body by counting your calories! Recently, my scale approached my heaviest weight since back in college after I’d gained the freshman 15, and I wanted to nip that progression in the bud. Clothes weren’t fitting, I wasn’t eating healthy, and I didn’t feel good. So I started using My Net Diary (no, they are not sponsoring this post!). Over three weeks, I’ve lost about four pounds, and I’m committed to sticking to my plan.
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One Way to Stay Sane With a Newborn in the House

Baby Frida

Having a newborn infant in your charge takes over pretty much all of your senses. Everything becomes about making sure a helpless, tiny human’s needs are taken care of. You forget to eat, but you never forget to feed her. You are not sleeping, and when she’s sleeping, you’re watching to make sure everything is OK. Until your eyes finally shut involuntarily.

But listening to music, my husband and I found, is something you can fully enjoy amidst the craziness of newborn life. One of the best things we discovered during the first few months with Frida was the Rockabye Baby series. Pixies songs as lullabies? Yes, please! (Ana was my husband’s favorite, he loves it now more than the original.) It helped put her to sleep and it kept us sane.
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